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Our merchandise has experience. 

Nostalgia literally covers the walls of The Market on 67. For too many years to count, this building featured a favorite pastime that so many of us grew up enjoying - the town skating ring. Since the day we opened the doors here, we have heard story after story from our customers who seem to love being here again. They tell us about coming here as a child. You can see the glint in their eyes as they recall how their mom brought them here or how, right over there, they got their first kiss. Now those memories are reinforced by so many nostalgic items that our dealers offer. This includes many things that we all grew up with - some in their original state and others that have been renewed, repurposed, and recreated in ways that are a joy to see.

Ah, but this isn’t something that words have enough power to explain. Come see for yourself. Take a walk down the center of the old skating rink and see if nostalgia doesn’t tug at your heart, bring back those memories. See all the wonderful things that would love to be part of your life again.


  • Distinctive Home Decor

    The Market is Mount Pleasant's newest and most fun shopping experience. .
    One of our greatest assets is the variety of merchandise we have due to the unique tastes of each of our dealers.
    Each one has their own interests and sources where they seek out the very best for their booths. Some love beautiful decor items; some choose to deal in antiques; others love collectibles; a few are artists; one or two are very talented at repurposing old familiar items; and all enjoy bringing in their very best just for you.
    We have the very best dealers anywhere.
  • Much More Than an Antique Mall

    While we do have some antiques and collections, we are not really an antiques mall. We are so much more than that.
    We do have a great selection of wonderful antiques and knowledgeable antique dealers.
    We also have new items, repurposed ones, and lots of things inbetween.
    Yes, it is an old cliche, but we really do have something for everyone!
  • The Unique & Unusual

    If we specialize in anything it is in the unique and unusual.
    It is not enough just to have beautiful items for your home. We strive to make sure we have unique items that you don't see everywhere else; as well as those that might be considered unusual.
    There is so much more than just "pretties".
    We have "pretties" as well, but we also have things that will get all your friends asking "Where did you find that?!".
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The MarketMount Pleasant's Most Unique & Fun Shopping Destination

It is an old cliche, but we do literally have something for everyone. A visit with our many dealers is truly an adventure. The Market is stuffed with so many fun and unique items. We have collectibles, art, antiques, decorator pieces, jewelry, furniture, repurposed treasures and so much more.

A visit here is also a walk through a nostalgic portion of local history. Many of our shoppers came here to roller skate many years ago.

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